Of course it's sad – Pasha “Mercedes” sheds crocodile tears because of the court decision


Of course it's sad, – Pasha "Mercedes" sheds crocodile tears because of the court decision

The Shevchenko court on the evening of April 1 chose Pasha's Mercedes as a preventive measure. Now the odious metropolitan of the UOC-MP will spend at least 60 days under house arrest.

Pasha “Mercedes” loves jewelry, but now he “shines” only an electronic bracelet. The odious metropolitan began to whine even in the courtroom. In particular, he said that he was “of course sad” because of such a decision by the prosecutors. However, he entrusts everything to the will of God.

For house arrest – a house, not a luxury hotel

In addition, Pasha “Mercedes” complains because he does not like the location for house arrest. During searches, jewelry, gold, and amber items were found at the odious metropolitan.

However, he now says he must spend at least 60 days in the supposedly small house he was trying to sell. Nobody was in a hurry to buy Pasha's “Mercedes” home.

I handed everything out from there, there were beds, washing machines, a refrigerator, I took 4 icons, – he broke up.

Pasha “Mercedes” complains about the court decision: watch the video

Important! Pasha “Mercedes” will carry out house arrest at the place of registration – in the village of Voronkov Kiev region.

In addition, Pasha “Mercedes” actively protested against wearing an electronic bracelet. This, it seems, can interfere with the health of the odious metropolitan.

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