Offensive support: Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appreciated the aircraft that Ukraine can receive


Offensive support: Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assessed the aircraft Ukraine could receive

At the Ramstein meeting on January 20, important decisions were made on military assistance to Ukraine. Also at the meeting, important messages were heard regarding the possible provision of aviation to Kyiv.

About this Channel 24said military expert, instructor pilot and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan. According to him, the weapons that will be provided to Ukraine after the Ramstein-8 meeting will help Ukraine move on to active offensive operations.

Ukraine may be provided with Su-25

As Svitan said, it is possible that Western partners can help Kyiv with aviation as well.

There is information that almost a squadron of Su-25 attack aircraft may be handed over to us. This is precisely the aviation link that is necessary to support the troops going on the offensive,” the military expert said.

He added that if Ukraine receives aviation, including attack aircraft, this will be a big plus for the Armed Forces of Ukraine .

“F-16 aircraft will bring victory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the offensive”

President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking on January 20 to the members of the Contact Group on defense of Ukraine, called on partners to provide Ukraine with longer-range missiles and F-16 fighters.

If such a decision is made (to provide the F-16 – Channel 24), it will become a cover and support from the air, which will bring victory to our troops in offensive missions, Swithan noted.< /p>

The colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine added that Ukrainian airfields have already been adapted for such aircraft. The flight crew also has all the necessary skills.

The role of aviation in the “offensive triad”

In addition, according to Svitan, Ukraine will be provided with Archer self-propelled artillery mounts. He noted that such positions are voiced for a reason.

Such installations will support an offensive triad, which includes a tank, an infantry fighting vehicle and a combat helicopter or attack aircraft, the military expert explained.

He added that Apache helicopters would be a good addition to this offensive triad. According to media reports, the UK could provide Ukraine with such helicopters. However, they have not yet been included in the new military aid package.

“Apache is a helicopter that works very well against tanks. That is, it not only covers its own tanks and armored groups, but also works against enemy tanks” , – said Swithan.

The military expert noted that Apache can be equipped with powerful anti-tank missiles. And if Ukraine were provided with such equipment, it would become a significant strengthening for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

How aviation can help the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the main thing

  • The Netherlands announced that they would consider the possibility of supplying Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets if they are followed by a request from the government of Kyiv.
  • Former SBU employee, expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future Ivan Stupak suggested that Ukraine could get F-16 fighter jets faster than Leopard tanks from Germany.
  • Military expert Petr Chernik noted that aviation would turn the tide of the war in Ukraine. Its entry into Ukraine depends on the political will of the United States, which looks at the war through its own prism.

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