Officials took abroad $5 million in cash they received illegally – NACP


Officers took abroad 5 million dollars of cash that they received illegally, – NAPC

Employees took abroad 5 million dollars of cash that they received illegally/24 channel collage

Despite the war with Russia, facts of illegal enrichment of employees are recorded in Ukraine. The NAPK reported that public officials were taking illegally obtained cash out of Ukraine.

3 criminal proceedings started

In the press service of the National corruption prevention agencies said they had documented the removal of nearly $5 million worth of cash they obtained illegally by employees.

In addition, according to the results of the monitoring, facts of moving another 100 thousand euros across the state border were revealed.

It is reported that employees and members of their families took out cash, but did not have legal sources of obtaining the relevant assets.

The NACP stated that they had transferred the relevant materials to law enforcement agencies, after which 3 criminal proceedings were initiated.

Which of the Ukrainian officials was accused of exporting money

  • Since the beginning of full-scale Russian aggression, many politicians and civil servants have left Ukraine and taken their families.
  • On February 25, the Surkis brothers fled Ukraine. The journalists received documents about the details of the departure of Igor and Grigory Surkis. The Surkis did not declare cash at the Ukrainian customs, but already at the Hungarian border they reported that they had a total of $17.6 million with them.
  • Subsequently, the owner of Dynamo Kyiv, Igor Surkis, refutes the media information. In confirmation, he provided documents from the Hungarian customs.
  • At the same time, Igor Surkis’s refutation does not say anything about two grandchildren of the people’s deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life, Grigory Surkis, who were liable for military service (20 and 28 years old) .
  • A conference on the restoration of Ukraine was held in the Swiss city of Lugano. President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke at it and built up Ukrainian politicians who massively left for the conference. The head of state noted that he saw some people for the first time during all the months of the war.

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