On Solovyov's show, they are hysterical because of Zelensky's words about Putin


The Solovyov show is hysterical because of Zelensky's words about Putin

Russian television continues to be hysterical about recent events. Propagandists are actively discussing weapons for Ukraine, the possible loss of the occupied territories and the words of Vladimir Zelensky about the fakeness of Vladimir Putin.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, said that he did not see with whom to talk and what to negotiate, because he was not sure that Vladimir Putin was alive or, perhaps, there was a certain circle of people who actually led Russia and leads the war – Channel 24 reports.

How Russia reacted to Zelensky's words

After this statement dictator speaker Dmitry Peskov said that Putin is and will be despite Zelensky's wishes.

Russian propagandists also managed to react to this. On the air of Solovyov's show, a circle of unknown persons satirically discussed Zelensky's words and talked about the impossibility of Putin's speeches against the background of a chroma key.

How propagandists reacted to doubts about Putin's existence: watch the video

Vladimir Solovyov himself did not understand why Zelensky said so and became interested in why those present at the forum did not tell him that he seemed to be talking nonsense.

I'm interested in something else. Those people who listened to all this, they could not say: man, what are you talking about? Well, why are you persecuting, – said the propagandist.

The criminals also discussed People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharenko, recalling his political history, when he worked in the team of Viktor Yanukovych, Petro Poroshenko, and now, it seems, in the team of Zelensky .

How else Solovyov was hysterical

  • The Russian propagandist epically reacted to the news on arms supplies to Ukraine and began to realize that Russia would lose Belgorod, Rostov, Kursk and Crimea. Before that, he acknowledged that Russia blew space, did not think of high-precision and drones.
  • Nuclear threats also do not subside. Vladimir Solovyov discussed the possibility of launching missile and nuclear strikes on London in response to the UK's decision to provide Ukraine with 14 Challenger 2 tanks.
  • Earlier on the air of the propaganda show, it was stated that the goals of the so-called NWO were not achieved as early as May 2022 because of Putin's “generosity”.

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