On what basis are summons issued to the military registration and enlistment office

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What is the principle of drafting subpoenas to the draft board

Ukrainians can be handed subpoenas on the street randomly. But, if they brought it home to you, it means that there is such a need in accordance with mobilization tasks.

The agenda can be brought home on behalf of the General Staff, in which, for example, they said to collect a certain number of gunners or radio operators. Andrey Novak, a lawyer, told about this.

How subpoenas are issued to the military registration and enlistment office

According to the lawyer, the heads of the military enlistment office issue subpoenas to those liable for military service, depending on the information about them available in the TCKSP (Territorial recruitment and social support center – Channel 24): qualifications, marital status, etc.

Novak noted that if people complied with the requirements of the law and promptly notified the military registration and enlistment offices about changes in their family and personal data, then there would be no situation with the mass issuance of subpoenas at checkpoints. knows nothing about the person. His card says that the person is conditionally 20 years old, has no disability, no children. And the situation could already have changed,” the lawyer emphasized.

Therefore, if people updated the information, the military registration and enlistment offices would know where and to whom to issue subpoenas in the first place, and to whom not to issue them at all.

What happens if you refuse the agenda

If a person refuses to sign the summons, then the staff of the acquisition center in the presence of witnesses can draw up an act of refusal. In this case, you will have to pay from 850 to 1700 hryvnias. This fine can be appealed to the local court.

When you can refuse the subpoena:

  • when it contains incorrect passport data,
  • when it is filled with errors.

Then they draw up an act of refusal in the presence of witnesses, and the document is sent to the acquisition center.

By the way, serving a summons on the street or at a checkpoint is not against the law. However, this is why many people perceive it as a punishment and are simply afraid to go out. It should be noted that subpoenas do not always mean a call to service. The military officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yevgeny Karas expressed his opinion on channel 24 about such service of subpoenas in different places.

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