One of the best American F-16 pilots Dan Hampton is ready to protect the skies of Ukraine


One of the best American F-16 pilots Dan Hampton is ready to protect the skies of Ukraine

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hampton, call sign Two Dogs, who is called the “most deadly” F-16 pilot, said he was ready to protect the skies over Ukraine.

The US military believes that partners will transfer the desired aircraft to the APU, and the most important thing is to find people who already have thousands of hours of flying those fighters and do not need training.

Ukraine may hire American pilots

Hampton believes that the F-16s are significantly better fighters than the Soviet ones, while at the same time, Ukrainian pilots will need a lot of time to master the new aircraft – from 4 to 6 months.

In his opinion, for a country that fights every day, this is a very long time, and therefore the lieutenant colonel of the US Air Force believes that Ukraine could hire experienced pilots to fly modern fighters. Like, this is faster than sending Ukrainian pilots to the United States for training.

Hampton is ready to defend the Ukrainian sky

He believes that there are enough American pilots who are ready to defend the Ukrainian sky if the governments of the countries resolve this issue.

I'll even go myself, I'll be number one, you can count on me! Hampton expressed his readiness.

What is known about the “most deadly” F-16 pilot

Dan Hampton has flown 151 combat missions and has arguably more military awards than any US fighter pilot since the Vietnam War, including a Purple Heart, four Distinguished Flying Crosses for extraordinary heroism, and eight Air Combat Air Medals.

Update on the transfer of Ukraine F-16

  • The F-16 is indeed considered the best aircraft option for Ukraine. Kyiv calls on partners to start delivering these aircraft immediately, but everything depends on the US decision.
  • A group of senators from both US parties, Democratic and Republican, are pressing the White House to hand over F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine as soon as possible. They are confident that such support can “change the rules of the game on the battlefield.”

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