One of the biggest: a fire broke out at an oil refinery in Belarus


One of the biggest: a fire broke out at an oil refinery in Belarus

A fire broke out at a large oil refinery in Mazyr, Belarus. The causes of the fire are not yet known.

The fire occurred on the night of January 23rd. This is reported by the pro-government Belarusian media, writes Channel 24.

What is known about the fire at the Mazyr Oil Refinery

According to According to media reports, line 101 reported the release of water-containing gas and diesel fraction, followed by flaring at section-200 of the combined heavy oil residue hydrocracking unit.

The unit did not seem to have been put into operation. It is at the stage of commissioning.

Local rescuers put out the fire and carried out work to cool and protect technological structures. Apparently no one was hurt. The technological process of the enterprise is not disturbed. The cause of the fire and the damage caused are currently being established.

By the way, the Mozyr Oil Refinery is one of the two large oil refineries in Belarus.

Naftan used to be on fire: what is known

  • Note that at the end of last year, another large oil refinery in Belarus was on fire.
  • The fire broke out on the territory of Naftan on the morning of December 25.
  • Traditionally, as if there were no casualties.
  • The operation of the unit designed for primary fractionation of oil and the technological process were not disturbed. The cause of fire and damage will be determined by the object commission of the enterprise.

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