Only Denmark's decision is worth something – the observer considers the help of partners very powerful


Denmark's decision alone is worth it, – the reviewer finds partners' help very powerful

After the recent Ramstein meeting, Ukraine received a very powerful military aid package. This is a fairly significant breakthrough.

About thisChannel 24said the head of the Center for Military Legal Research Alexander Musienko. According to him, the partners handed over this military equipment and weapons to us for the performance of certain important tasks at the front.

Denmark gave all its stocks

In his opinion, the beginning of the year for Ukraine in terms of providing weapons was very successful. After all, there are serious military packages not only from the United States, but also from European countries.

“What is Denmark's decision to transfer all its CAESARs to Ukraine worth – 19 units. It may seem to someone that this is not much. But for Denmark, this is all their stocks of new French artillery, which they ordered,” he stressed.

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">It is advised to accumulate resources

According to him, several opinions, perhaps ambiguous, have been voiced recently on the supply of military equipment and weapons to Ukraine. They should not be ignored.

  • General Mark Milli noted at Ramstein that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would “difficulty de-occupy the territory of Ukraine.”
  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said after Ramstein that the weapons provided to Ukraine should “help Ukrainian troops in counteroffensive.”
  • US State Department Strategic Communications Adviser John Kirby and an unnamed Pentagon spokesman stressed that support for Ukraine will continue, but they count on intensifying hostilities in the South. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine should not place all their forces in the Eastern direction.

He noted that there was also an opinion that one should not rush to attack until the Ukrainian units learn and Ukraine receives the promised equipment.

“From all of the above, we can draw conclusions. Partners advise us to concentrate and accumulate resources and reserves in order to try to launch a counteroffensive at the tactical operational level in the South in the spring,” Musienko stressed.

The expert assessed Ukraine's military assistance based on the results of Rammstein: watch the video< /p>

Weapons are being transferred with certain expectations

He noted that reserves are being formed for this, equipment and weapons transferred by our partners.

We are handed weapons with certain expectations of where, how and what they can be used for. But you need to understand that this is not the last package of military assistance – there will be more. And the next ones will be provided for other goals and objectives,” he stressed.

The expert believes that our partners advise us to act at the front, because this is how they see the situation and the development of events. And they would like this technique to be used in this way.

“All this agrees with the Ukrainian command. No wonder General Zaluzhny and General Milli met in Ramstein in Poland. I think they discussed different scenarios of events there who may be at the front,” summed up Alexander Musienko.

New US Military Aid Package/Channel 24 Infographic

Military support for Ukraine: latest news

  • Germany and France have decided that they will adapt their military support to Ukraine depending on the development of the situation on the battlefield. The corresponding Franco-German declaration was approved following the results of the Council for Security and Defense, held on January 22 in Paris.
  • France does not exclude that it can supply Ukraine with Leclerc tanks. French leader Emmanuel Macron called the conditions for the transfer of Leclerc tanks to Ukraine. In particular, the decision to transfer tanks to Ukraine should not cause an escalation.
  • The heads of the ministries of foreign affairs of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia made a statement about the Leopard tanks. They turned to Germany and urged her to immediately provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks.

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