Only he can save the dictator, – Piontkovsky said why Xi Jinping became more active


Only he can save the dictator, - Piontkovsky said why Xi Jinping became more active

Chinese leader Ci Jinping plans to visit Moscow soon. He is currently at the peak of his foreign policy successes.

He declared himself emperor of China, breaking a 30-year tradition of handing over power after two terms at the head of state. Andrey Piontkovsky, a Russian publicist, said this to Channel 24 .

“The other day he achieved great success in foreign policy – the establishment of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. He now has very high ambitions to achieve some result in the Russian-Ukrainian war,” the publicist noted.

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What is Beijing's strategy

According to the publicist, the mere fact of demonstrating its intermediary ambitions indicates that China excludes the scenario of transferring weapons to Russia. “What kind of mediation can we talk about if you supply weapons to one of the parties,” Piontkovsky stressed.

Xi Jinping understands Putin's very difficult situation. The Kremlin dictator is very important to him at the head of Russia.

Putin is actually the head of the pro-Chinese party in Russia. His policy means the gradual transfer of economic and political influence in the Far East and Siberia, – says the publicist.

Of course, Putin's defeat in the war is inevitable. However, Xi needs a scenario of soft defeat for the dictator, in which he retains power.

“Xi is going to Moscow to explain to Putin that he is the only person who can save him,” Piontkovsky emphasizes.

Therefore, the Russian president should follow Xi's instructions and pursue the same line of subordination of Russia to China. This will allow him to remain at the head of the state even after his defeat.

As Piontkovsky notes, the so-called folk Sinicization of eastern Russia continues naturally. The Chinese are missing 30 million women of childbearing age. This is the approximate potential of Russia. “Despite the fact that the war exacerbates this factor, the trend was inevitable,” the publicist believes. And this is understood, in fact, by the Chinese.

Xi will demonstrate to the Russian society that he is helping Russia in the most difficult situation, justifying Putin's policy of sinization of Russia. The great Chinese emperor himself goes to some of his distant northern vassals … He can do this by solving some outstanding mission for his people, – Andrey Piontkovsky assures.

He adds that one should take Xi's visit very seriously and are ready for a serious attack on Ukraine by the so-called “peace party”. According to Piontkovsky, a huge number of publications have simultaneously appeared in Washington in the reputable press – The New York Times, The Washington Post, Politico.

“Everyone is talking about the same thing: how hard it is for poor Ukraine. And it’s true – heavy casualties, a lot of dead. The subtext is this: you need to somehow end the war and conclude a peace treaty. column.” This is no coincidence,” Piontkovsky summed up.

Why is the date of the visit not advertised?

  • China is increasingly joining the theme of Russia's war against Ukraine. Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin assures that in this process, Beijing is guided solely by its own interests.
  • According to him, Chinese leader Xi Jinping intends to visit Moscow on March 21. However, the Chinese authorities do not advertise their intentions and do not officially confirm the visit to Russia. “It's very Chinese style to keep everything in balance until the last minute. Probably, Xi's visit to Moscow is being prepared. But the Chinese reserve the right to change their mind,” Feigin said.
  • In this case, he adds, China can say that no visit was planned.

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