Only on Facebook, – Ignat commented on the message about the possibility of air defense to shoot down “Daggers”


Ignat was asked whether the Ukrainian air defense had sometimes become stronger enough to shoot down Kinzhal-type missiles. Like, there are reports that this type of enemy weapons is already being destroyed. The speaker's reaction was unequivocal.

It can only be brought down on Facebook. On some telegram channels or somewhere else. We cannot shoot down this target. I personally did not see who published it, well, I urge you to still trust official sources. If we had shot down the “Dagger” with our air defense systems,the first would have shouted that we managed to do it, – he stressed.

Ukraine cannot shoot down ballistics

According to Ignat, “Dagger” is actually an operational-tactical complex. This is the same “Iskander-M”, but the attack is carried out from the sky. Note that there are two options marked “M” and “K”:

  • M – ballistic missile;
  • K – cruise missile.

Imagine this “Iskander” on a MiG-31K aircraft, lifting it into the upper layers of the atmosphere and launching it from there. And he has extra speed. It descends on the target like a ballistic missile. From above it strikes at a very high speed. Our complexes cannot work out such targets today,” he stressed.

We note that on a regular basis the enemy lifts the MiG-31K into the atmosphere both over Belarus and over Russia. Actually, because of such take-offs of rocket carriers, an air raid alarm is heard. Sirens soundall over Ukraine, because it is not known where a missile can fly,which our air defense forces cannot shoot down.

According to experts, the occupiers used dozens of such missiles during almost a year of a full-scale invasion for attacks. Yes, this may mean that there are not so many “Daggers”. But this does not mean that they cannot start releasing more of them in agony, trying to somehow influence the course of the war. Sodon't ignore the alarms.It could save your life.

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