Only two animals managed to escape: the invaders ate an entire ostrich farm in the Kyiv region


Only two animals managed to escape: the invaders ate an entire ostrich farm in the Kyiv region

Russian invaders amaze with their inhumanity and savagery. So, in Zdvizhivka, Kyiv region, during the temporary occupation, the invaders ate almost all the ostriches from the local farm.

This was told by a local resident Yuri Pogrebnyak. After the liberation of the village, it turned out that only a few birds had survived.

In addition, the invaders promised dog owners that they would kill their animals if they barked.

One Russian young courier once brought us a piece of fried ostrich meat so that we could try it. It turns out that they slaughtered and ate almost all the ostriches on the farm. Only two birds managed to escape. I saw one ostrich when he walked around human gardens, looking for something to eat and the peasants fed him, – said Pogrebnyak.

In addition, the Ukrainian said that the invaders threatened dog owners to kill animals if they barked.

“And a lot of dogs ran around the village, because many let the animals out of their chains so that they would be saved. After all, the invaders said that they would shoot all the dogs that would bark. However, some dogs were not lucky.

Reference. In May 2022, in the village of Zdvizhivka, Kyiv region, two ostriches that survived the occupation of the settlement were noticed in the local fields and streets. One of them was named Guk by the locals.

Earlier, law enforcers reported that the military of the Russian terrorist country was suspected of committing war crimes in Irpin. During March 5-6, 2022, the occupiers shot 10 civilian vehicles, as a result of which 9 people died and 12 more were injured.

the occupiers were already distinguished by their inhuman treatment of animals

  • In November 2022, it became known that the invaders in the Kherson region mocked not only civilians, but also animals. Yes, the Russians killed the Red Book hamsters.
  • On April 30, 2022, the enemy shelled Zaporozhye. Enemy shells flew into 2 farms. As a result of the first shelling, fortunately, no one was injured. In turn, as a result of the second – pets died.
  • On November 11, the Russian military officially disappeared from the right bank of the Kherson region due to the powerful pressure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Traditionally, the retreat of Russian troops was accompanied by theft. The invaders stole the Kherson raccoon.

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