Only two brands have captured almost 2/3 of the Russian online smartphone market

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Only two brands have captured almost 2/3 of the Russian online smartphone market

Analysts from Counterpoint Research shared the results of their own research of the domestic online smartphone market based on the results of the first quarter of this year. Most of the gadgets were sold by the Chinese company Xiaomi, whose products accounted for 31% of the market.

The second place belongs to the Korean Samsung, which lagged behind the leader by only a percentage point and a trifle – it belongs to 29.9%. Thus, it turns out that only these two brands control almost two or three Russian online smartphone markets. The third place, with more than two-fold lag, was taken by the American company Apple. iPhone in the first quarter was purchased by 14.8% of Russian online shoppers.

The fourth place is taken by the Chinese company Huawei with 8.9%. Next comes another representative of the Celestial Empire – Realme with 4.9%. All other manufacturers taken together account for 10.5% of the Russian online market. As for the sellers, the combined company M.Video and Eldorado is in the lead with 35.2% of all online sales of smartphones in Russia.

And today, Bang & Olufsen unveiled a TV with natural oak trim.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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