Open World Games Big Sale Launched

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Open World Games Big Sale Launched

The attraction of unheard of generosity from Steam continues to gain traction. We've previously written about the Company of Heroes 2 Giveaway and Capcom Arcade Stadium Platform Games. However, this is not all. The service also launched a big sale of open world games.

As part of the 80% off sale, you can grab the complete edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The set includes the third part of The Witcher and 2 DLCs. In normal times, the kit is sold for 1,500 rubles, while now it is available for only 300.

With a 67% discount, in turn, sold Borderlands 3. The cost of the title fell from 1,999 rubles to 659 rubles.

For 1,740 rubles, instead of the previous 3,499, it is proposed to purchase the game of the famous developer Hideo Kojima – Death Stranding.

Check out all the discounted open world games here. The sale ends on May 31st.

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