Operation Retribution: Rogozin, wounded in the buttocks, threatens the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Roscosmos satellites

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The victim requested an accurate map, a picture taken on that day by one of the “Russian spacecraft”.

Roscosmos ex-chairman Dmitry Rogozin, wounded in the buttocks as a result of a strike on a restaurant in Donetsk, temporarily captured by the occupiers, threatens the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Operation Retribution.

Rogozin said this in an interview with the Russian propaganda media.

Rogozin said that his ” spacecraft” recorded the place from where the Ukrainian shells were fired. Now Rogozin wants revenge.

“I believe that we have identified exactly the weapon from which the shot was fired … We continue to monitor the combat crew that fired at us … As a man, as an officer, I I simply have to implement the Retribution operation,” Rogozin shared.

Recall that the former head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin sent a fragment of a shell that was pulled out of his backbone to the head of France, Emmanuel Macron .

Rogozin came under fire on December 21, when he was celebrating his birthday at the Shesh-Besh restaurant in Donetsk, after which he was hospitalized.

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