Opportunity to hold Trump accountable for the storming of the Capitol

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Opportunity to hold Trump accountable for the storming of the Capitol

Donald Trump

Acting attorney in Washington, Mike Sherwin, assessed the likelihood of prosecution of US President Donald Trump due to the unrest in the Capitol. This was reported by the CNBC TV channel.

According to him, such a development of events is not excluded. “We study the actions of all actors. Anyone who played a role in this, which will be confirmed by evidence, corresponds to the perpetrator, ”he answered a journalist's question about the role of Trump, who is accused of incitement.

Trump's term as host of the White House expires on January 20, after which he will not enjoy immunity from charges.

Formerly elected head of state Joe Biden blamed Trump for starting the riots in Washington. In his opinion, the Republican tried to use the crowd to disrupt the approval of the election results in Congress. “This was the result of President Trump's relentless assault on democracy,” the Democrat said.

On January 6, Trump protesters stormed the Capitol Building and surrounded the Senate Hall. The Senate and the House of Representatives interrupted a meeting at which it was planned to approve the results of the last elections. According to this data, Biden won the presidential election. During the protests, four people were killed and the police detained nearly 70 rioters.

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