Oral sex “in a friendly way”: a 42-year-old design teacher was fired in Zaporozhye

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Оральный секс “по-дружески”: в Запорожье уволили 42-летнего преподавателя дизайна

In Zaporozhye, a real sex scandal broke out in one of the educational institutions. Drunk 42-year-old teacher was looking for a girlfriend for sex among his students.

The incident occurred at the local electrical engineering college, where the design teacher Vitaly Goncharenko has been working for more than ten years. His vulgar suggestions and stories about his sexual exploits were secretly filmed on his student’s phone.

What was on the video

A video quickly spread in social networks, where a 42-year-old teacher accosted girls, offering them oral sex “in a friendly way.” Having been refused, the man began to insult the students.

– Well, just at least from ****** to me, a friendly m** et. I just like to drink and fuck someone, for example, from the moms of my students. And I’ve never liked you at all. You’re ugly,” Vitaly Goncharenko frankly declares.

Later it turned out that students had previously received similar offers from the teacher of diesel. He often asked his female students if they had a favorite section on porn sites.

College reaction

The director of the Zaporozhye Electrotechnical College told reporters that at first he could not believe his eyes, because Vitaly Goncharenko had a decent reputation.

At the same time, when the scandalous video spread in social networks, he invited the teacher to write a letter of resignation on his own.

– He started working with us in 2011. There were no comments on this matter. For us, this is an egregious case, this has never happened. For the fact that this happened, the teacher was dismissed from work on the same day—” the director of the college assured.

The college psychologist is convinced that there was no aggression in the words of the dismissed teacher on the video, however, the incident condemns.

Teacher is “ashamed”

Vitaly Goncharenko himself admitted that he came to college that day in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication, so he could not control his words. He realized that the scandalous video had ruined his teaching career.

– I don’t justify myself in any way. Indeed, this is not good. I feel really bad right now. You can’t imagine how I was morally destroyed. Everything is over in my teaching career—” he told reporters by phone.

Lawyers believe that the students did the right thing by videotaping their teacher’s claims. The police have already started checking on this fact: a legal assessment will be given to the incident in the near future.

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