Orban's ally cynically compared Ukraine to Nazi Germany


Orban's ally is cynical compared Ukraine with Nazi Germany

Hungarian propagandist accused Ukraine of Nazism/Channel 24 collage to the closest circle of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and is his adviser. He works on propaganda against Ukraine.

Bayer proves to the Hungarian media that Ukraine is the same as Nazi Germany. In particular, the official's appeal was published by the Modyar Nemzet newspaper, which is the most influential government media outlet.

Bayer's video blogs are also aired by pro-government TV channels.

What Bayer said

Zsolt Baier accuses Oleksandra Koval, head of the Ukrainian Book Institute, of calling for the rejection of supposedly important literature. We are talking about a reassessment of the role of Russian literature in the Ukrainian educational and cultural space. In particular, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy or Bulgakov.

The official said that this is like the actions of the Nazis against the Jews. He emphasized that he was confident in the correctness of his judgments.

This was already in Nazi Germany. That's what Goebbels said. Big bonfires then blazed in the streets of Nazi Germany, throwing into them works harmful to German thinking and the German people, especially and, of course, works by Jewish authors. And Heinrich Heine warned that those who start burning books end up burning people, the propagandist said.

Orban's ally cynically compared Ukraine to Nazi Germany

Bayer accuses Aleksandra Koval/Screenshot of “Modyar Nemzet”

Denied existence Ukrainian territory

The propagandist even doubts that there is a Ukrainian culture and nation. He showed on his blog an image with Russian captions, which allegedly proves that the territories of Ukraine were taken away from Poland or Russia.

“If we remove Russian culture from Ukrainian culture, then what remains will be sorry petty and stupid,” Bayer said.

Pay attention to whether Hungary will be held responsible for Russia's connivance: watch the video

Hungary is loyal to Russia

Orban said that the European Union should not impose sanctions against Russia and accused Hungary of imposing a foreign ideology. He believes that the West cannot stop the war, and “sanctions cannot bring Russia to its knees.”

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  • Rightly so. Destroying culture just for the sake of being different is a very nazi thing.

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