ORF man Pariasek shows himself with a Hinterseer hairstyle


ORF man Pariasek shows himself with a Hinterseer hairstyle

Rainer Pariasek

You have never seen Rainer Pariasek like this before. The ORF sports anchorman appeared at the Sporthilfe gala in a 70s outfit.

Sporthilfe was founded in Austria exactly 50 years ago. This was celebrated extensively at a gala in the Vienna Konzerthaus.

Pariasek also made his grand entrance. And that even before the gala officially started. Because the public broadcaster had come up with a very special one. Presenter Mirjam Weichselbraun acted as the program announcer in black and white. The native Tyrolean also had her not very serious problems with the name of the TV man.

“A young talented sports reporter now reports from the signing of the Sporthilfe documents: Rainer Pariasek”, Weichselbraun had the laugh on her side.

Pariasek himself had also thrown himself into a classic outfit from the 1970s. Above all with an extraordinary hairstyle that was strongly reminiscent of the flowing mane of the former ski star Hansi Hinterseer. With hectic movements, exaggeratedly fast language and wild facial expressions, Pariasek parodied sports reporting. The hairstyle was always right.

“Thank you, Rainer Pariasek, maybe we will see you in one or the other sports broadcast on Austrian radio in the future”, Weichselbraun concluded the short sketch. In any case, she should be right.

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