ORF Ms. Lallitsch:


ORF Ms. Lallitsch:

Anna-Theresa Lallitsch will be the first woman to comment on a major sporting event for men on ORF. Already on the second day of the European Football Championship, which starts today, Friday, it is in action in Denmark against Finland (Saturday, 6 p.m.). The excitement about this is limited with the 28-year-old native of Graz, as she told the APA. After all, she has already commented on numerous games. Much more euphoria comes to the fore: “I'm really happy.”

In May 2019, she commented on a football game for the first time for ORF – a novelty throughout Austria, even though ARD and ZDF earlier brought a commentator into play. Since then, Lallitsch has been used at the FIFA Women's World Cup or the 2nd league. Your preparations for it do not differ significantly from those for the upcoming EURO 2020. “I always want to comment equally well. Only the higher it goes, the more information there is,” she explained. You are faced with the task of filtering this “flood of information” and providing a nice overall picture of professional commentary, information and emotion.

At her side are Helge Payer and Roman Mählich each as co-commentators. “I appreciate both of them very much. The cooperation is successful when I have a conversation with them and the viewer feels part of it,” said Lallitsch, who started her ORF career with the acoustic image description of hundreds of football games for the blind and visually impaired To speak to people.

Apart from Denmark versus Finland on June 12, she will also comment on Finland versus Russia (June 16) and the round-up of Finland versus Belgium (June 21). Three times Finland is a coincidence, which she sees as positive. With every further encounter you become “a little more of an expert”. She is most excited about Denmark: “They have very good kickers.” Like France, Belgium even sees them as contenders for the title. “The round of 16 or even the quarter-finals should be possible for Austria,” predicted Lallitsch.

So far, she has received mostly positive feedback for her emotional style. In addition, “people would be happy that a woman is finally commenting. But that should be normal,” said Lallitsch. She understands the resulting excitement, but in the end the discussion of whether it is a man or a woman and how she deals with hateful comments is “a bit idle”. “I want to make it easy and fun is the main focus for me,” she emphasized.

The 28-year-old doesn't know where her journey should take her: “I have no idea. If I have the feeling that I have to go on, then I'll do it. But right now I like the trip with ORF.” Moderating more would be an idea, she said.

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