“Our brigade was specifically crap”: the occupiers about the losses among their troops


"Our brigade was specifically pissed off": the occupiers about the losses among their troops

The Russian army suffers significant losses in the war against Ukraine/14th brigade named after Prince Roman the Great/Illustrative photo

The Russian army suffers significant losses in the war of conquest against Ukraine. This is confirmed by the invaders themselves in conversations with their families.

The Security Service of Ukraine has published another intercepted conversation between the occupier and his wife. A Russian soldier admits that his brigade screwed up.

A Russian soldier considers his comrades-in-arms to be *l*lami

At the same time, he directly calls his associates deb * lami. And the reason for the failure of the Russian Army, according to him, is not only in the command, but also in the soldiers themselves.

Our brigade was actually crap… There are losses, there are many wounded… But here the whole army is stupid, just dumb, – the Russian invader complains.

He admits that the armed forces of Ukraine are well armed and motivated.

We are not needed here… We cannot complete missions against such an enemy. Your words that the Ukrainian troops have equipment are damn true. So it is, – the occupant tells his wife.

This Russian soldier is at least aware that he is not welcome here. And now he seems to care about his own skin. Therefore, he often sleeps in the trenches, because the Ukrainian military give a fitting rebuff to uninvited “guests”. “It's tough in here, Vic, that's not the right word,” concludes the invader.

Intercepted conversation between the invader and his wife:

It is important to understand that, no matter how pleasant it is to listen to these “insights”, not all occupiers are so “conscious”. And, most importantly, they are definitely not ready to lay down their arms. “The enemy is still here and wants to destroy our nation! Therefore, we have only one way out – to fight to the last,” the SBU emphasizes.

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