Our people live for the country, but they die: Spartak about the Ukrainian and Russian mentality


Our people live for the country, but they die: Spartak on the Ukrainian and Russian mentality< /p>

Propagandists constantly tell Russians that they should die for their state. This is a strange approach that is demotivating. At the same time, the Ukrainians are completely different.

About thisChannel 24said the psychologist Spartak Saturday. According to him, in this example, one can clearly see the difference between the mentality of Russians and Ukrainians. The invaders must die for their country, and we must kill the enemy and live for it.

I want to explain the difference between our mentality and theirs. Look at their rhetoric. If he is not ready to die, then he is not a patriot. And our fighting guys say that they are not going to die for the country, but to kill for the country. What different rhetoric we have with these bastards, – said Subbota.

Death is the mentality of Russians

As Saturday noted, Ukrainians know what they are fighting for – for the state. For Russians, the goal is simply to die for the next tsar or president. Ukrainians live for Ukraine, and Russians die for Russia.

This is the mentality and cultural code of Russians. Just death. Once had to die for the king, the president, the tyrant. Although they are the same. Now he has to die for the country, because there is some strange “SVO”, plans for which they are constantly changing. They have some pathology. Cognitive and mental defects. They are not able to properly choose a course, what to do, – said Saturday.

He stressed – when someone has to die for something – it's very scary. And when he goes to kill and live for the sake of the country, this is a completely different approach.

Russians continue to die in Ukraine

  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published fresh data on the losses of Russian invaders in the war. As of February 6, the Ukrainian military has already destroyed 132,160 invaders.
  • Over the previous day, on February 5, another 870 invaders went to the “Kobzon concert”. It should be noted that these statistics do not include data on wounded occupiers. Therefore, the numbers of losses are much higher.
  • Also, the Ukrainian military has already destroyed 3231 enemy tanks, 6415 armored combat vehicles, 2231 artillery systems, 461 multiple launch rocket systems, 294 aircraft, etc.

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