Over 10 million Ukrainians forced to leave their homes due to war – UN


Over 10 million Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes because of the war, – UN

Ukrainian refugees/qirim

Over 10 million Ukrainians, including most of Ukraine's child population, have fled their homes since the start of the war last month.

Ukrainian refugees

This was stated by UN Deputy Coordinator for Emergency Situations Joyce Msuya. According to her, 6.5 million of them are internally displaced persons and 3.9 million have become refugees, that is, they have crossed borders with neighboring countries.

She added that humanitarian aid is increasing daily, and now there are more than 1,230 UN staff working with more than 100 humanitarian organizations across Ukraine.

Ukraine is a humanitarian paradox: side by side with extreme violence, we see extreme kindness, deep solidarity and tender care,” Msuya said.

UN humanitarian assistance

According to her, more than 180 tons of medical supplies have already been delivered to Ukraine from the UN, and more than 470 tons are sent to the country . But more humanitarian support requires ceasefires.

She added that the situation in Ukraine opens the door for traffickers and criminals to take advantage of the instability created by the war.

< p>“The UN is expanding protection services for those fleeing the country, as well as within the state, by providing accessible information on safe options and routes, access to helplines and safe haven,” Msuya said.


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