Over eight billion passwords leaked online

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Over eight billion passwords leaked online

A collection of 8.4 billion passwords has appeared on hacker forums. Presumably, some of them are taken from previous leaks.

According to Cybernews.com, the password file is called rockyou2021.txt, which is a reference to the 2009 RockYou leak, when more than 32 million passwords were leaked onto the Web. The collection weighs over 100 gigabytes and contains passwords ranging in length from six to 20 characters.

It is noted that this leak is the largest in history. In second place is COMB, which took place in February 2021. Then 3.2 billion passwords were leaked to the Internet.

Now there are about 4.7 billion Internet users in the world, which means that during the current leak, hackers have leaked into the Internet twice as many passwords as the number of people using the global network.

In 2019, cybersecurity experts from the international company Group-IB discovered a database with 1.3 million payment card data on the Web. It is reported to be the largest data breach in several years. It was also reported that almost all of the payment cards in the document belong to clients of Indian banks. At the same time, 18% of the total were issued by one financial institution.

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