Over the Belgorod region “cotton”: the Russians started talking about drones and air defense


Cotton over Belgorod region: Russians talking about drones and air defense

It's loud again in the Belgorod region – local residents report loud sounds resembling the sounds of explosions. There were at least 7 “claps”.

Air defense operation “balls” over Belgorod

People publish in local telegram channels a photo where traces of air defense work are visible in the sky.

Eyewitnesses say that the explosions were quite loud.

There have not yet been any official comments on the explosions from the official authorities of the region. There were no statements from representatives of the Ukrainian side either.

What actually happened in Belgorod, whether the “cotton” was the result of explosions is still unknown.

Obviously, there were a lot of explosions, and they were visible from different parts of the Belgorod region. This, at least, is indicated by the photos of Russians who send them en masse to the public.

“Cotton in Belgorod”: photo

Cotton is a traditional phenomenon in Belgorod

By the way, it could be the Russians themselves. Yes, on September 30, the Russians launched a rocket at Kharkov, but it landed in Belgorod, which is very epic. Then the authorities also traditionally hid the truth, they said that this was the work of air defense. Then, it would seem, no one suffered from the crookedness of Russian soldiers.

However, at the beginning of the month, according to the same scheme, a Russian missile hit an electrical substation, which caused a fire to break out. After that, the light went out in Belgorod.

Such explosions and “pops! Russians are pretty nervous, they literally bring them to hysterics.

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