Over the Odessa region, the Air Force “minused” another Russian reconnaissance drone


Above Air Force

A drone was shot down over Odessa region/General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A Russian drone was shot down over the Odessa region on July 22. The enemy tried to carry out aerial reconnaissance.


A Russian reconnaissance drone was launched from the direction of the sea. However, the aircraft failed to fly for a long time. The Armed Forces of Ukraine added it to the list of enemy losses.

When the drone fixed the coast and port infrastructure, our air defense forces shot it down.

The success of our aviation

Ukrainian military shows success in the South. They completed more than 230 fire missions. In particular, on July 21:

  • hit enemy positions and supplies 8 times,
  • hit 5 strongholds and 2 ammunition depots in Skadovsky and Berislavsky districts Kherson region;
  • attacked the place of accumulation of enemy personnel in the Nikolaev region.

Thanks to these attacks, the invaders lost 35 units of personnel, self-propelled howitzer “Msta-S “, 2 drones, 3 armored vehicles and 8 vehicles.

Pay attention! Since the beginning of the invasion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already eliminated many units of Russian aviation. For example, 221 aircraft, 188 helicopters, 713 UAVs of the operational-tactical level.

By the way, the number of liquidated invaders has already reached 39 thousand.

Karas said that the aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may soon reach Kherson: video

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