PACE recognized that Russia started a war against Ukraine since 2014


PACE recognized that Russia started a war against Ukraine since 2014

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognized that Russia launched an armed aggression against Ukraine back in February 2014. That is, 8 years before a full-scale invasion of our state.

In particular, this is stated in the PACE resolution “Sexual violence in times of conflict.” It was adopted on January 24, 2023.

What important changes were made to the resolution

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy, Chairman of the PACE Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media Evgenia Kravchuk said thatit was possible to make an extremely important amendment to the resolution, by adopting which PACE actually recognized that the Russian armed the aggression began as early as February 2014.

Rapporteur Petra Bajr and the Committee for Equality opposed this, wanting to leave vague wording about “the return of war to our continent in 2022”.

However, the Ukrainian parliamentarians convinced them to take into account the 4th amendment. According to it, according to European Pravda, “Instead of a vague and actually incorrect phrase, they say, in 2022 the war returned to our continent, the deputies suggested writing:” Since February 2014, Russia has been waging an aggressive war against Ukraine, which it resumed on February 24, 2022 massive invasion of Ukraine “.

The amendment was approved, because 47 deputies voted “for”, another 43 – “against”.

Important PACE Preliminary Determination

  • In the fall of 2022, PACE recognized Russia as a terrorist state. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe became the first international organization to make this decision.
  • Political scientist Mykola Davidyuk said that the corresponding resolution is no worse if the United States granted Russia the status of a terrorist.
  • At the same time, the political scientist said that this suggests that the world is mobilizing around Ukraine and black is beginning to be called black. According to him, Europe is waking up, what are the consequences will it carry for Ukraine? here.

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