'Palace coup' won't help, hawks worse than Putin may come – analyst


Worse hawks may come instead of Putin/Getty Images

The war against Ukraine has only increased Russian support for Putin. So far, any coup in Russia is unlikely.

However, even if there are changes in the Kremlin, this is unlikely to improve the situation. Military analyst Sergei Grabsky spoke about this on Channel 24.

Putin follows the opinion of the Russian society, – Grabsky

In response to a question about the possibility coup, the analyst drew attention to Russian sociological sources of support for the current government of Russia.

“Do not flatter yourself with the opinion that tomorrow Putin will be killed or he will lose his post, someone else will come and the situation will change dramatically. No, because that Putin fulfills and follows the opinion of the Russian society,” said Sergei Grabsky.

Not a single military or “palace coup” will help. I don’t know if it will be worse, because such hawks may come to power for whom even the criminal Putin is not a tough leader enough,” the military analyst noted.

According to Grabsky, hope that the Russian criminal authorities will overthrown, not worth it. At present, the actions of the terrorist regime are in fact completely “coordinated” by ordinary Russians.

Sergey Grabsky on the possibility of a coup in Russia: watch the video

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