Palestinian Prime Minister hoped for God's help in case of Trump's victory

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Palestinian Prime Minister hoped for God's help in case of Trump's victory

Mohammed Staye

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Staye hoped for God's help if US President Donald Trump wins the American elections. He is quoted by Politico.

“If we have to live with Mr. Trump for another four years, God grant help to Palestine and the whole world,” he said.

It is noted that usually representatives of the country do not comment on the presidential elections in the United States. Politico believes that Steye's statement may be related to the despair that Palestinian representatives are experiencing: Washington's steps in an attempt to resolve the Arab-Palestinian conflict “have weakened the Palestinian side.”

In early July 2020, Israel began preparations for an operation to annex the West Bank. After 1967, Israeli settlements were established in Judea and Samaria in the West Bank. The UN Security Council considers these territories occupied, and Israel – disputable.

Earlier, the United States called on Israel to take such a step. According to Donald Trump's plan to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict – “the deal of the century”, Palestine should “slightly increase in size”, and its capital is located in East Jerusalem. The Golan Heights will belong to Israel, and Washington considers Jerusalem as its capital.

In 2017, US President Donald Trump recognized the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Then the American embassy was moved to a new location, and some time later – the Guatemalan embassy.

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