Panasonic brought new devices to protect against coronavirus in Russia

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Panasonic brought new devices to protect against coronavirus in Russia

The Japanese company Panasonic has launched Russian sales of new devices to protect against coronavirus – the F-GPT01R portable generator and the Air-e FV-15CSD1 built-in generator. They help create a comfortable and safe environment around a person – at home, in transport, at work and in public spaces.

The novelties generate special nanoscale electrostatically atomized water particles nanoe X, which are able to neutralize up to 99.99% of the activity of the new type of coronavirus.

The portable generator F-GPT01R is made in the form factor of a thermostatic glass, powered by a USB Type-C wire from any source – a laptop, a portable battery, a car USB port. Power consumption is only 3.5 watts. A hydroxyl radical generator and a fan are installed inside the device, which blows out air saturated with nanoe particles through special holes in the upper part of the case. Workable area – up to 3 m3.

Air-e FV-15CSD1 stationary generators are built into ceilings or wall panels to ensure continuous air purification. They are characterized by almost silent operation (23.5 dB) and low power consumption (4 W). The device efficiently processes rooms up to 30 m3. Meanwhile, the social network Vkontakte is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary.

Source: Panasonic

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