“Pandora's box” must be closed – OP urged the world to respond to Russian nuclear threats


Nuclear threats that Russia allows itself are not a problem for Ukraine, but for the whole world. Therefore, the world must stop this by closing Pandora's Box.

This opinion was voiced by Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak.

He emphasized that the veiled threats of nuclear weapons from the UN rostrum from a member of the UN Security Council – there is no greater mockery of global institutions.

Russian nuclear threats are not a problem for Ukraine, but for the whole peace. Members of the Nuclear Club must determine the Russian consequences. “Pandora's box” should be closed, Podolyak stressed.

What should be the reaction of the world

Earlier, Podolyaka said that the West should respond to this not only with loud statements, but also with actions in line with international protocols. But the world still considers Russia a powerful state and tries to treat it very carefully. Although, in fact, it is a nuclear state that threatens a non-nuclear state with weapons of mass destruction, which is prohibited by any conventions.

Thus, according to the relevant protocols, the international community must already take into the air a certain number of aircraft that would track everything what is happening with nuclear facilities in Russia.

In addition, a note should be sent to the terrorist state saying that as soon as it becomes clear that Russia is preparing to use something from the nuclear triad to strike at Ukraine , then symmetrical retaliatory strikes will be inflicted.

What is the purpose of “nuclear blackmail”

According to the British edition of the BBC, Putin can use “nuclear fire” if it threatens the integrity of his state. In particular, this concerns the threat to those territories that the infidels plan to declare “their” after the results of the pseudo-referendum.

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