Panic reigns in the bunker, – Piontkovsky commented on how Putin was in circulation


There is panic in the bunker, – Piontkovsky commented on how Putin was in circulation< /p>

The entourage of the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, is looking for options on how to get out of a difficult situation for the country and the army. However, the Russian president decided to stop any attempts with his decree on temporary mobilization.

Instead of a negotiation process, the paths took the path of escalation. Andrey Piontkovsky, a Russian publicist from Washington, told Channel 24 about this.

A new path to escalation

The expert is convinced that not everyone in the Kremlin is probably happy with Putin's decision regarding partial mobilization in Russia.

It is clear that there is panic in the bunker and probably very serious disagreements. Until recently, all their tactics were aimed at reaching, by any means, using Macron, Scholz and Erdogan, some kind of ceasefire agreement and imposing the surrender of Zelensky,” the observer explained.

In his opinion, Putin rejected all these plans and took the path of escalation.

“This was not greeted by everyone, which led to a delay in the speech. As for the form of address, Putin was quite traditional. He has two behavior patterns: “morel under a blanket”, as it was at the “victory parade” and “balls with a balalaika” “. This time there was a second one: apparently, under the influence of psychotropic drugs, he was excited and energetic,” Piontkovsky added.

What was the path during the appeal for temporary mobilization: watch the video

Refusal of negotiations

The analyst considers Putin's decision an attempt to refuse any negotiations with Ukraine and the West.

“He saw that the idea of ​​defining a negotiating line would push the environment to get rid of him in one mild form or another. For example, saying that he fell ill and temporarily transfers his powers to the federation council. Without this, the top could not just do it,” he stressed. expert.

In his opinion, those interested in contacts with civilized countries would “wink” at the West at the fact that they “provided a huge service” for all mankind and “save the world from the dangerous Putin”.

All this was done in order for them to agree to more lenient conditions for the withdrawal of troops. The threat of losing power prompted Putin to make irreversible steps , after which talk of a ceasefire is impossible,” Piontkovsky pointed out.

“Suppressed” Shoigu

that after Putin's appeal, it was also necessary to pay attention to the “terribly oppressed state of Shoig” .

“He muttered some ridiculous phrases. The Russian military leader did not at all feel the desire to defeat the enemy: there was not a single positive word about the successes of his army. Perhaps he was completely dissatisfied with Putin's decision in this suicidal escalation,” the expert believes.

He summarized that “frictions and tears” in the bunker will be more and more obvious.

Partial mobilization announced in Russia: what is known

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  • Today, September 21, the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, signed a decree on partial mobilization in Russia. The Kremlin plans to mobilize up to 300 thousand people behind it.
  • Everyone was intrigued by the 7th secret point. The dictator's speaker, Dmitry Peskov, made it clear that he was talking about the number of mobilized.
  • Before that, on September 20, militants of quasi-formations in the Donbass and Gauleiters of the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions announced pseudo-referendums for “entry” into Russia. Russian henchmen are in such a hurry that “referendums” have been scheduled for September 23-27.
  • At the same time, the Russian State Duma amended the Criminal Code on crimes during mobilization and martial law.
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