Paranoia intensifies: Putin moved to an armored train instead of the usual one – media


Paranoia intensifies: Putin switched to an armored train instead of the usual – media

Even before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin was afraid of everyone and everything. What is only the story of the security guard collecting Putin's feces. However, now the journalists have found out that the dictator's paranoia has gone to another level and he has moved from an ordinary train to an armored train.

This is stated in the investigation of the Dossier Center. It turned out that Putin switched to an armored train in the spring of 2021.

He uses this type of transport for long-distance travel to his residences.

In the fall of 2021, when the Russian army began to actively prepare for the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin switched to an armored train. Since the outbreak of the war, he travels on it more and more often – especially to his beloved residence in Valdai, the investigation says .

Putin could begin to prefer the armored train for security reasons. Unlike airplanes, trains are more difficult to track because there are no services for tracking passenger trains in real time. In addition, the two residences of the president of the aggressor country, where he visits, are located on the Black Sea coast, where flights are limited due to the war.

The plot tells that the armored train has:

  • a car with a bedroom and an office,
  • a car for accompanying personnel,
  • a car for special communications.

Outwardly, the armored train looks like a regular train, only instead of four axles it has 6, instead of one locomotive there are several, and special equipment is placed on the roof.

Putin switched to an armored train/Photo< /p>

Journalists found out that the special train that matches the description belongs to the Grand Service Express company, which was owned by an offshore company associated with Russian president ally Yuri Kovalchuk and businessman Mikhail Rabinovich.

Putin was photographed in the armored train only once – in 2012, before it was renovated. Photos of the train from the outside have never been officially released.

Curious! The journalists calculated the approximate cost of the armored train. According to their estimates, it could cost a little over 1 billion Russian rubles.

Let's note that Putin's paranoia is growing. The bunker dictator often uses actors and proven extras during his meetings with Russians. Putin also recorded the New Year's address against the backdrop of extras. The journalists said that they had seen a female soldier at the Kremlin events more than once.

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