Part of Kremlin already wants to close borders and intensify repression in Russia – Eidman


Part of the Kremlin already wants to close borders and intensify repression in Russia, – Eidman

The partial mobilization announced in Russia does not provide for the closure of borders for leaving the country, so the Russians still have the opportunity leave. At the same time, talks about the possible closure of borders inside Russia are becoming more frequent, sooner or later this should happen. . According to him, public opinion in Russia is already being prepared for this in order to justify such a decision.

Who is in favor of closing the borders

Igor Eidman said that there is pressure in Russia about the possible closure of the borders and the second wave of mobilization. In addition, part of the leadership already now demands both the closure of borders and the mobilization of all resources for the war.

There are significant serious forces that want to introduce restrictive measures against leaving from the country, repressive measures against those who try to evade mobilization, including not only mobilization for war, but also economic and political mobilization. There is a rallying of Russian society into a single military camp,” Eidman said.

The political scientist noted that among those who advocate such tough measures are: Dmitry Medvedev, Vyacheslav Volodin, Ramzan Kadyrov and Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Political scientist Igor Eidman told how they will close the borders in Russia: watch the video

Even now in Russia they want to introduce a reservation for traveling abroad. According to the sociologist, this will happen in parallel with the introduction of the second wave of mobilization in order to shut down military-age citizens in Russia.

When this will happen is unclear. The Russian authorities have military-technical problems, because even those “mobiles” that have already been mobilized, they cannot properly equip with military weapons and simply cannot support, feed, water, dress, provide ammunition, and so on, Eidman noted.

Given this, it is not clear to the political scientist how they will carry out the second wave of mobilization and what they will do with the mobilized.

Most likely, if they did it now, they would have to, as it was in October, throw people with their bare hands into the trenches and there would be very little sense from such a mobilization from a military point of view, – said the political scientist.

< p>In his opinion, this mobilization will still take place, but only when Russia is ready from a military-technical point of view.

Mobilization in Russia: latest news< /h2>

  • The Kremlin uses “cannon fodder” tactics. The American publication, citing its sources in power, reported that the Russian authorities sent Russian mobilized to the war with Ukraine unprepared and poorly equipped.
  • Vladimir Putin's decree on partial mobilization in Russia continues to operate further. Dmitry Peskov explained this by the performance of “other functions other than conscription.”
  • In the Samara region, the wounded mobilized do not want to return to the front. After being wounded, they again want to send them to war without a military medical commission, but they staged a riot.

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