Partners want to surprise Putin – political strategist on the possible supply of aviation


Partners want to surprise Putin, – political strategist about a possible supply of aircraft

After the partners announced the transfer of tanks, the next weapon we badly need is aviation. Our allies want to give Putin a surprise, and the news about the transfer of the planes will not be made public.

Political strategist Boris Tizengauzen told Channel 24 about this. In general, I wonder how many planes Ukraine needs.

Tanks and HIMARS were also talked about as “red lines”

Tizenhausen noted that tanks and HIMARS were once referred to as “red lines”. Obviously, aviation is an even more complex technique. Apparently, the Western partners are afraid that the Russians will capture at least one unit and will study and research it, although in 2 weeks there will be 9 “Rammstein”, which is called aviation, and surprises are possible.

In order for us to be given airplanes in six months, our crews must now learn on them. We must have infrastructure prepared, in particular, runways, repair bases, because it is not clear where they will be repaired and serviced, here or somewhere on the territory of the partner country,” the political strategist noted.

He added that if the transfer of aviation is announced, then Putin will plan an offensive taking into account the new inputs, and so the partners are preparing a surprise for him and will not make information about the supply of aircraft in the public space. By the way, given the effectiveness of our troops, it is not known who will teach whom later.

Tiesenhausen on the possible supply of aviation: watch the video

No one wants a second Afghanistan

According to the political strategist, the transfer of tanks to Ukraine, HIMARS is already more than half the road, and no one will stop the help. Nobody wants a second Afghanistan, in which the United States invested a trillion dollars, and then the Taliban got all the weapons.

“There are many who want to become the fathers of victory. There is even a certain competition on this field. I’m not ready to say who will be the first, but the Netherlands said that Ukraine should submit an application and it will be considered. It would seem that one of the most neutral countries gives such a clear signal,” – Tizenhausen stressed.

As he noted, perhaps the next Ramstein will not be as enchanting as the previous one. However, there is a decision that Ukraine must win. And it was we who forced the partners to make such a decision. We have demonstrated our effectiveness, and after the war, for example, Ukraine's accession to the European Union will no longer be an issue.

Military assistance to Ukraine: latest news

  • Ukraine is working hard to reach an agreement with international partners on the transfer of American F-16 fighters. At the same time, various fakes about these aircraft began to appear.
  • Western countries are still in no hurry to make a decision on the transfer of aviation to Ukraine, which is essential for the de-occupation of territories. Previously, Ukraine was also denied tanks and other heavy equipment, but nevertheless, it already serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and therefore a decision on aircraft will also be made.
  • The United States controls how Ukraine uses their financial assistance. They want guarantees.

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