Pasha “Mercedes” urged Zelensky to protect and not offend the Lavra: video



On March 10, the UOC received a letter from the National Reserve “Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra” about the termination of the agreement on the use of state property and buildings on the territory of the reserve. Therefore, by March 29, 2023, they must leave the territory of the Lavra.

However, the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate really do not want to leave their homes. So more than once they have addressed various statements to the parishioners, which can be parsed into quotes, writes Channel 24 .

One good turn deserves another

They recorded another such one on March 14 against the backdrop of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra itself. In it, the governor of the Lavra, Pavel, also turned to President Volodymyr Zelensky, trying to flatter him to cancel the decision to evict the priests.

Metropolitan Pavel said that even before the presidential elections in 2019, he was praying to God. However, not for the soldiers who fought in the East, or the fate of Ukraine, but for him to tell who will continue to lead our state. It was then that the Lord told Pavel that it was Vladimir Zelensky who would become president.

Moreover, not only the governor prayed for this, but supposedly all the brothers of the monastery and parishioners also prayed for this.

On such news from Pavel, Vladimir Zelensky, according to the priest himself, was very happy and said that “if I am elected, I will even be baptized.” And for such experiences, the governor, also known by the nickname Pasha “Mercedes”, called to protect the Lavra.

And now I ask him: if we prayed for him, that he would become president, that he would not offend our Lavra, but, on the contrary, would defend it,” he said.

The President will protect the Lavra

Of course, one of the largest Christian centers in Ukraine, moreover, a monument of history and architecture of our state, the president will protect and not offend. And, in particular, to protect parishioners from Moscow influence and shrines from possible theft, representatives of the UOC-MP should leave its territory.

It should be noted that the Minister of Culture Tkachenko said earlier that, knowing the predatory intentions of Moscow's servants, an additional revision of the relics and exhibits will be carried out in the monastery. He warned representatives of the UOC-MP not to steal anything.

However, despite the decision of the Ministry of Culture, the priests do not want to give up “without a fight.” On March 13, the abbot of the Lavra, in a video posted on the YouTube channel of the shrine, stated that the monks would not leave the Lavra.

Statements by representatives of the UOC-MP and ROC due to expulsion from the Lavra

  • Naturally, this hysterical statement by Pasha “Mercedes” regarding the termination of the agreement is not the first since March 10th. During the service, he even managed to scare the parishioners with the “apocalypse” that begins with Ukraine.
  • It should be noted that the Russian Orthodox Church responded very quickly to the legal decision of Ukraine and the loss of influence on the parishioners of the Lavra. The Russian Patriarch Kirill also called for “protecting the Lavra”, calling it “the cradle of our (obviously Russian – Channel 24) civilization.” By this, in particular, the aggressor country once again demonstrated its desire to appropriate what does not belong to it, also on the territory of another state.
  • Moreover, Archpriest Leonid Kalinin from the Russian Orthodox Church announced the “coming of the Antichrist” to Ukraine. According to him, the steps to restore the spiritual catholicity of Ukraine seem to be a call for his arrival, and after the expulsion of the Moscow monks from the territory of the cathedral, “the vileness of desolation” may come there.

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