“Pay attention to his hands”: what's wrong with Putin in a new video message


Channel 24 presenters suggested what's wrong with Putin/Screenshot from the video

President of Russia Vladimir Putin has written another address to the Russians. However, this video shows signs of deterioration in the health of the head of the Kremlin, which were noted by doctors.

This was announced on the air of Channel 24 by Ekaterina Solyar and Artem Ovdienko. According to Solyar, they turned to doctors to explain Putin's behavior in the video.

Talking corpse

gesticulates strongly. However, this time his hands were completely still.

According to the conclusions of doctors, the “bunker” grandfather has a very big problem with removing water from the body. Most likely, he was injected with some kind of diuretics before the broadcast,” Solyar noted.

She added that, according to medical experts, Putin is probably now on hormone therapy. This is indicated by significant health problems of various origins. In particular, his condition and swollen hands betray him.

“They say that he is becoming more and more like a 'talking troupe,'” Solar emphasized.

Signs of serious illness

Ovdienko also noticed that he no longer gesticulated at all, but clasped his hands tightly. Moreover, he simply holds one hand with the other.

When dementia or Alzheimer's disease, a person cannot control the trembling in his hands. That is why he probably clasped his hands, putting them on the table, – the host admitted.

He also noted that Putin's swollen hands are conspicuous. According to him, it is surprising that the Russian president was filmed from such an unfavorable angle for him.

What will happen when Putin dies

At the same time time, Ovdienko noted that Putin's death could stop Russia's war against Ukraine. Since then the aggressor state will begin to share power, and the Russian army will be left without control and confused.

“Then the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be even easier to destroy it, it (the Russian army – Channel 24) will start to flee. This is how it would happen if Putin were dead,” Ovdienko summed up.

Channel 24 presenters commented on Putin's behavior during the address: watch the video

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