Pennsylvania court upholds Trump's tallying claim

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Pennsylvania court upholds Trump's vote counting suit

A Pennsylvania court upheld a lawsuit filed by the headquarters of US President Donald Trump on the legality of votes cast by mail in the election of the head of state. RIA Novosti reports.

Trump's staff insisted that Secretary of State Katie Primer had no right to extend the deadline for authenticating mailed ballots from six days after the election to nine. The court ruled that the Secretary of State did not have such powers, and some of the ballots were discarded.

However, the American media note that the share of such votes is “insignificant.” They indicate that these bulletins were not included in the official count at all. It is noted that the Democratic candidate Joe Biden is ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania by 54 thousand votes.

Earlier, US Attorney General William Barr decided to investigate reports of election fraud. States must settle all procedures, including recounts and litigation over results, by December 8th. The members of the electoral college will take stock during the meeting on December 14.

Biden proclaimed himself elected President of the United States on November 7 – according to various estimates, he received from 273 to 290 electoral votes against the required 270. Trump responded by saying that his rival was in a hurry to call himself the new president.

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