Pentagon confirms sending thousands of US troops to Russia’s borders

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The US Department of Defense confirmed the dispatch of 2,000 troops to Romania, Poland and Germany

Пентагон подтвердил отправку тысяч военных США к границам России

Photo: Stephen A. Gober / Reuters

The US Department of Defense has confirmed the dispatch of 2,000 troops to Romania, Poland and Germany. This was announced by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, RIA Novosti reports.

According to Kirby, US President Joe Biden decided to show the US reaction to the growing threat to security and stability in Europe. “As part of these commitments and in order to prepare for a number of unexpected situations, the United States will soon transfer additional forces to Romania, Poland and Germany,” the military said.

He also noted that the United States is committed to the fifth article of the North Atlantic Treaty and the principles of collective security. 2,000 troops will be deployed in countries close to Russia’s borders as reinforcements to the alliance forces already in Europe.

“We intend to constantly monitor the situation in the region and consult with our allies and partners. If we think it is necessary to increase the readiness of additional forces, we will do it,” Kirby concluded. He also announced the readiness of the United States to send more troops to Eastern Europe.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal reported that Biden approved the transfer of about two thousand American troops to Germany and Poland. In addition, about a thousand more US Army soldiers who are currently stationed in Germany will be redirected to Romania.

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