People were buried and tortured with electric current: another dungeon was found in the Kharkiv region


People were buried and tortured with electric current: another dungeon was found in Kharkiv region

Ukrainian defenders are effectively driving the invaders out of our land, in particular, in the Kharkiv region. Unfortunately, in the de-occupied territories, our state reveals the consequences of the barbaric atrocities of the Russian occupiers.

So, in the dismissed Pesky-Radkovsky, in the Borovsky district of the Kharkiv region, law enforcement officers discovered another dungeon of Russians. Channel 24 was told by Kharkiv correspondent Anna Chernenko.

People were buried alive

Kotovnya is located near residential houses, so the locals heard the screams of people who were mercilessly mocked by the Russian military.

People were buried in the ground and then dug up, – the correspondent said.

The atrocities of Russian infidels in Ukraine know no boundaries. They brutally beat people and tortured them with electric current.

Occupiers brutally tortured prisoners/Photo from Sergey Bolvinov's Facebook

Chernenko told the details about what was discovered in Kharkiv region dungeon: watch the video

Tortured with a gas mask and a smoldering rag.

On the eve of the head of the Investigation Department of the GUNP in the Kharkiv region, Sergei Bolvinov, said that the dungeon was found in the basement of one of the residential buildings in Pesky-Radkovsky. According to him, residents of the village reported about him.

Bolvinov said that prisoners were kept in the basement – local residents, ATO fighters and prisoners from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Law enforcers found that the Russians tortured the Ukrainians with a gas mask and a smoldering rag. In addition, the investigators found in the dungeon:

  • dildo,
  • a box with torn-out dentures,
  • wires with ropes,
  • a letter with an interrogation of one of the prisoners.

A gas mask used to torture Ukrainians/Photo from Sergey Bolvinov's Facebook

Occupiers pulled out dentures/Photo from Sergey Bolvinov's Facebook

According to the head of the Investigation Department of the GDNP in the Kharkiv region , the police have already established the names of the servicemen who were mocked by the Russians.

Investigators and prosecutors are working to establish all the facts that happened in this dungeon. Justice will find everyone guilty,” he stressed.

Atrocities of Russians in Ukraine: latest news

  • In total, 18 dungeons were found in the Kharkiv region where kafirs kept and tortured civilians. The invaders set up dungeons where their places of deployment were. These are such settlements as: Balakleya, Kupyansk, Izyum, Volchansk, Kazachya Lopan and others.
  • Defenders found a prison in the liberated Balakleya, where infidels groundlessly kept and tortured locals. Among the detainees were women who were also abused and beaten. In addition, when the invaders retreated, they left people locked in cells without water and food.
  • The Russians also tortured people in Kazachya Lopan. In the basement of the so-called “people's militia” there were devices for torture. Law enforcers have already identified people who worked there for the invaders.

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