Perhaps a UFO: an unknown object attacked a military airfield in the Rostov region – a spectacular video


Probably a UFO: an unknown object attacked a military airfield in the Rostov region – spectacular video

Russia has traditionally been very turbulent. In the Rostov region, an airfield was allegedly attacked. Eyewitnesses managed to fix how something flies to the ground, explodes and burns very much.

Local residents complain about another attack on Russia. It happened late at night at a military airfield in Morozovsk, in the Rostov region, Channel 24 reports.

Locals say that the plane was falling< /h2>

Local publics cannot decide what flies to the ground so well: either a drone or a rocket. Be that as it may, this unknown object was supposed to attack a military airfield.And in the best traditions of Russia, he was “shot down by the air defense system.” Other eyewitnesses say that the plane is falling.

The Russians recorded a strange object in the sky over Morozovsk: watch the video

It is interesting that in other publics they say about the alleged downing of a tactical missile. They say that it could have been destroyed near the airbase of the Russian military space forces. They say that experts came to this conclusion, given the nature of the flight and the speed of the target.

The authorities say that they could shoot down a rocket: watch the video

Representatives of local authorities even managed to react to this. They said that air defense allegedly managed to shoot down a Ukrainian missile in the Morozovsk area. The governor urged local residents to remain calm.

The airfield is located 300 kilometers from the contact line: watch the video

Please note that the airfield in Morozovsk located almost 300 kilometersfrom the line of demarcation.

Note that the day before it was very restless in the Black Sea. There surface drones attacked the reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs”.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed the attack

According to available information, it happened at dawn on May 24th. Then three surface drones attacked the Russian reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs”. The Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country hastily declared that the ship had survived.

Sources in military circles told reporters thatthe reconnaissance ship needed repairs. It is known that the ship's hull was defeated. In addition, crew members were injured.

When the Russian reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs” met a Ukrainian drone. Truly the perfect couple! – noted in the Ministry of Defense.

Unfortunately, now “Ivan Khurs” has not replenished the statistics of enemy losses. Be that as it may, the ship will not be able to perform its reconnaissance work soon.< /p>

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