Personal sympathy for the Ukrainians, – Chmut explained the free transfer of bayraktars to Ukraine


Personal sympathy for the Ukrainians,

Chmut explained why the Turks give “bayraktors” to Ukraine for free/Channel 24 Collage

“bayraktars” in the fight against the enemy. The Turkish company Baykar donated several of these combat drones to Ukraine for free.


The director of the Come Back Alive charity foundation and military expert Taras Chmut told about this on Channel 24. At the end of July, the Turkish company announced that it would give Ukraine another Bayraktar free of charge.

More than $5 million was raised in Poland to purchase this drone. However, the manufacturing company refused to take this money.

Why Baykar gives drones for free

The director of the Come Back Alive Foundation explained what the company is guided by Baykar when they donate drones to Ukraine for free.

This is personal sympathy (for Ukrainians – 24 channels). There is also an element of injustice in Russia's actions towards us. And the justice of the war we are waging for our national beliefs,” Chmut said.

In addition, according to him, there are certain business interests in such steps of the Turkish company.

” Ukraine is a fairly promising partner that can offer something, that can test their equipment in a real war, and together with whom you can achieve much greater heights,” said the director of the Come Back Alive Foundation.

< strong>Taras Chmut spoke about cooperation with the Turkish company Baykar: watch the video

Free bayactors for Ukraine: what is known

    < li> In addition to the Poles, Lithuania also wanted to help with the purchase of “bayraktors” for Ukraine. On May 25, TV presenter Andrius Tapinas announced a fundraiser for Bayraktar. The collection was closed after three days. And the manufacturing company stated that it would give the device free of charge. The Lithuanians thanked Turkey and promised to use the collected funds to purchase the necessary ammunition for Bayraktar. And the rest of the money will also be sent to support Ukraine.
  • Volunteer Serhiy Prytula announced on June 22 that he was opening a fundraiser for three Bayraktar for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the evening of June 24, fundraising for 3 Bayraktar drones was completed.
  • In 3 days, Ukrainians raised 600 million hryvnias, so it was decided to purchase 4 such drones. However, the Turkish company Baykar reported that they decided to transfer Bayraktar-type drones to Ukraine free of charge.

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