Pfizer CEO Fails to Get to Israel Due to Lack of COVID-19 Vaccination

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Pfizer CEO Fails to Get to Israel Due to Lack of COVID-19 Vaccination

Albert Burle

Pfizer CEO Albert Burle was unable to travel to Israel due to a lack of coronavirus vaccination. Writes about this The Jerusalem Post.

He explained that he had received the first injection, but the time for re-vaccination had not yet come. He admitted that he had not been vaccinated before so that the vaccine would go to “the one who needs it more.”

In connection with the current situation, Burle decided to postpone the planned visit to Israel for several days.

Earlier, Israel questioned the claimed effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine. The coordinator of the national coronavirus program, Professor Nachman Ash, said that more than 12.4 thousand Israelis became infected with the coronavirus even after receiving the first dose of the vaccine. Among them there are at least 69 infected who received the second injection.

Mass vaccination against COVID-19 in the country began on December 19. First, the drug is received by health workers and medical students. Among the first in line are also Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and heads of municipalities. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the first in the country to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with the Pfizer vaccine.

On January 20, an Israeli doctor told Pfizer about complications from the vaccine. According to Leonid Eidelman, facial paralysis after the coronavirus vaccine is rare; in most patients, such a complication after vaccination passes rather quickly, but its cause is still not clear.

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