Pioneership and non-payment of scholarships: how collaborators “reformed” education in Zaporozhye


Pioneering and non-payment of scholarships: how collaborators "reformed" education in Zaporozhye

In the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporozhye region, the so-called occupation authorities began to implement their own norms in the educational industry. Basically, they concern involuntary return to the Soviet Union.

As noted, the self-proclaimed “Ministry” is carrying out reforms in the field of education and science in the occupied part of the Zaporozhye region. It is known that it consists of residents who agreed or were forced to cooperate with the occupiers.

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Who heads the “Ministry of Education”

Currently, the position of “Minister” in the field of education is headed by collaborator Yelena Aleksandrovna Shapurova. It should be noted that earlier a woman was in charge of the “department of education” of the occupied part of the Zaporozhye region.

Head of the “Ministry of Education and Science”/Photo by Kiborg News

Pay attention! The SBU completed the pre-trial investigation into Shapurova. The indictment has been sent to court. It was established that the attacker transferred the buildings of Ukrainian educational institutions to the balance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia so that the enemy would use them to base personnel, military equipment, weapons and ammunition of the occupation groups.

Who works for the occupiers/Photo by Kiborg News

The criminal activity of the collaborator also includes the fact that she handed over to the invaders all the cars and computer equipment of the city department of education. In addition, Shapurova organized a large-scale campaign to “join” the region to Russia.

For collaborating activities, Shapurovareceived a medal from Russia “For courage and valor”.

Shapurova received an award from Russia/Photo by Kiborg NewsOn December 23, 2022, the so-called “Ministry” received a letter about a meeting on the development of the Russian movement of children and youth “Movement of the First”.

The document states that the activity is of “high importance”, therefore all the highest officials of the “Ministries of Education and Science” of the occupied territories.

Letter to the “Ministry” from the Russian Ministry of Education/Photo by Kiborg News

What is the “Movement of the First”?< /h2>

This is a Russian youth movement, created on December 18, 2022 at the initiative of the authorities to educate, organize leisure activities for teenagers and form a worldview “taking into account traditional Russian spiritual and moral goals.” They will be admitted to the organization from the age of six, and it will be possible to stay in it until graduation from school or college.

Departments should be opened in every municipality of Russia, also in the occupied territories of Ukraine, and primary centers can be created in each school movement.

It is interesting thatthe Supervisory Board is headed by Vladimir Putin, and he appointed Grigory Gurov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Russia, as the head.

Another symptom of the “Soviet disease” is that the bill on the creation of this “movement” was submitted to the State Duma on the day organization named after Lenin.

Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that he considers the collapse of the USSR “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.” Perhaps the resumption of pioneering under a new name is one of the steps to “return to the past”.

The Kremlin dictator thus seeks to influencenot only to Russian, but also to Ukrainian youth and children. It is not known for certain how exactly the organization will work, but according to the statements of the Russian media, there is a similarity with the pioneers, the Soviet movement.

Even among the names proposed for the organization was the option “Pioneers”, but most voters voted for the “Movement of the First” .

What instructions does the “Ministry” receive from Russia

The Russians are afraid of data leakage from the computers of collaborators, so they are warned about possible cyber attacks from American, European and other foreign organizations. The letter from the Ministry of Education of Russia recommends not updating software and not allowing Google resources to collect information about users.

It is interesting that the cause of DDOS attacks in the letter is not the war, but “complicated political incidents”.

Recommendations from the Russian Ministry of Education/Photo by Kiborg News

In addition, the activities of the “Ministry” are focused on instilling in schoolchildren and schoolgirls love for their native city or village, but only under the occupation of Russia. A vivid example of this is the contest “Our School, Our Future”. The work of an 11-year-old student “Knowledge Day” was recognized as the best. It is worth noting that in the text she rejoices at the return to school and the “correct” decision of her parents to stay in the occupied territory.

The work of an 11-year-old student/Photo by Kiborg News

< p>The invaders also created the “Melitopol State University” in the occupied Melitopol on the territories of illegally liquidated educational institutions of Ukraine.

Representatives of the illegally formed institution note that full-time students will receive a scholarship, however complaints to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia about non-payment.

Complaints from applicants for education/Photo by Kiborg News

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