Piontkovsky suggested when Kherson will be liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Russia will fall


Piontkovsky assumed when the Armed Forces of Ukraine will liberate Kherson and Russia will fall

Piontkovsky about the likely fall of Russia/Collage of Channel 24

Very soon the Armed Forces of Ukraine will liberate Kherson. And after that, the gradual fall of Russia will begin.

This forecast was told by Russian opposition publicist Andrey Piontkovsky on Channel 24. He is convinced that as soon as the Armed Forces liberate Kherson from the invaders, Russia will immediately begin to fall.

Putin doesn't have enough soldiers

According to Piontkovsky, Putin doesn't have enough “cannon fodder” to carry out further offensive operations. Now he wants to take Slavyansk, but he simply doesn't have such a resource.

He doesn't have enough reserves for that. The reserves are not just criminal elements and untrained conscripts, Andrey Piontkovsky noted.

To solve this problem, Putin needs to mobilize. But he can't do it. Although the local population of Russia supports the “tsar”, they are not at all ready to fight for him.

Piontkovsky notes that only completely repulsed people like Gorkin or representatives of depressed areas voluntarily go to the war of conquest. Of such people, you will not get a million-strong army capable of moving forward for a long time.

According to Piontkovsky, Russia will soon collapse in the war against Ukraine. Everything will start with the liberation of Kherson.

There is no way out in Russia. Kherson will be fired in the second half of August. And we will see a very painful, dramatic, but very instructive period of the third fall of the Russian empire, – Piontkovsky believes.

Recall that the interim head of the Kherson OVA Dmitry Butriy called on all residents of the Kherson region to evacuate. This will help the Ukrainian defenders to dismiss the temporarily occupied Kherson region much faster. After all, Russian invaders can hide behind a peaceful population.

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