Pistorius will arrive in Kyiv, Ukraine is ready in case of an offensive from Belarus: chronology of 333 days of the war


Pistorius will arrive in Kyiv, Ukraine is ready in case of offensive from Belarus: chronology of 333 days of war

Ukrainian soldiers have been heroically defending territories and population from invaders for 333 days. The hottest point is still the Bakhmut direction, where heavy fighting is taking place.

The invaders are trying to win over the initiative quantitatively, but suffer a crushing defeat. Channel 24.

03:29 Yury Sobolevsky, First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council, said that the Russians were threatening people about all the key events of the front and Ukraine. in the occupied territories, who continue to educate children according to the Ukrainian program, which will deprive them of parental rights.

02:48 New German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced a visit to Kyiv. According to him, the trip will take place next month.

01:33 Andrei Yusov, representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, assured the Ukrainians that there is currently no threat of an offensive from Belarus. If it is, then citizens will definitely be warned. At the same time, even if this happens, the Defense Forces are ready for all possible scenarios.

00:44 In the Nikolaev region, a car exploded on an enemy mine – 4 people were injured. The tragedy occurred near the village of Lyubomirovka, Vitovsky district. It is known that among those who were in the car was a child of 3 weeks. Now the victims are in the hospital – they received shrapnel wounds. The child, fortunately, was not hurt.

00:18 Former defense minister Christina Lambrecht is accused of banning an inventory of Leopard tanks on the eve of her resignation. They say she thought that this could put additional pressure on Scholz.

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