PlayStation 5 Sales Revealed

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PlayStation 5 Sales Revealed

Sony has sold nearly six million units of the PlayStation 5. This is reported by VGChartz.

Experts analyzed the disclosed data on sales of game consoles for the first 16 weeks since the devices appeared in retail. As a result, it turned out that during the specified period, 5.86 million copies of the PS5 were sold worldwide. For comparison, Sony's main competitor in this segment – Microsoft – sold 3.83 million units of Xbox Series X / S, Japanese Nintendo – 3.96 million units of hybrid Switch consoles. Thus, the PS5 market share was 42.9 percent, the shares of Nintendo Switch and new Xbox – 29 and 28.1 percent, respectively.

Sony also demonstrates leadership in the American and European markets. For example, in the United States in the first 16 weeks, 2.48 million units of PS5 consoles were sold, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X / S – 1.49 and 1.95 million units, respectively. In Europe, PS5, Switch and new Xbox sold 1.96, 1.097 and 1.098 million units, respectively.

In Japan, the home market for Sony and Nintendo, the PS5 sold 425,000 units. The leader was the Nintendo Switch console, which was purchased 993 thousand times. In third place with an indicator of 36 thousand were the Xbox Series X / S consoles.

Analysts noted that the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X / S went on sale worldwide at the same time, and the PS5 release was split in two. On November 12, 2020, the console hit the markets in the United States, Japan and some other countries, from November 19, the console became available globally.

Sony's fiscal third quarter report released in February said the company had shipped 4.5 million PS5 consoles. This is slightly more than the PlayStation 4 achieved in the same period at the start of sales. Total revenue for the PlayStation division last year was $ 22.7 billion, a record for both the company and the industry as a whole.

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