“Plive kacha” in Luzhniki as the biggest disgust for the occupiers


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Lydia Resin

The Russian Empire grew for a long time by draining the talents and resources of enslaved peoples. At the same time, the empire systematically planted an inferiority complex on these peoples, therefore it constantly reminded them of the highest social status of Russians.

The Russians have done what they have done all their history

Adepts of the empire, ancient and current, spoke of “small cultures that are not capable of building a great state.” Therefore, a person striving for success often abandoned his own national identity and tried to identify himself as “Russian”.

Stolen ideas, songs, paintings or inventions lost their original national identity and became the property of imperial power and part of the so-called “great Russian culture”. The war began to harshly rip off the masks of hypocrisy and baseness from many adherents.

Everyone saw that not only “the king is naked.” It turned out that the vaunted “great culture” is not capable of creating something unique and beautiful. That which captures the souls of people and encourages them to common actions. Therefore, they continue to openly steal someone else's. Not only toilets, but also songs.

Before Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech, a disfigured Lemko song “Plive Kacha” was sung in Ukrainian at Luzhniki. They just designated it as a song about “saving” Mariupol from the “Nazi demons of Azovstal”.

Akim and Daria, servants of a dying under-empire, did nothing new. They repeated what the mankurts did before them. But times have changed. Disgust at the contemplation of this action can only give strength in the struggle for our liberation.

War always returns to those who created it. There is not long to wait.

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