Plushenko parodied Rudkovskaya's correspondence with Zagitova


Plushenko parodied Rudkovskaya's correspondence with Zagitova

Evgeny Plushenko

Two-time Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko in his Instagram parodied the correspondence of his wife Yana Rudkovskaya with figure skater Alina Zagitova.

The athlete suggested what the dialogue between coach Eteri Tutberidze and his son Alexander would look like. According to Plushenko Sr., the specialist would suggest that the young skater move to her group, provided that she is paid half of all the athlete's income, as well as “monthly 30 thousand rubles in an envelope.” In addition, Tutberidze would have taken over the maintenance of Plushenko Jr.'s Instagram without fail. Another condition for the transition was to have triple jumps in the athlete's arsenal.

The correspondence between Rudkovskaya and Zagitova was published by Tutberidze's team on Instagram on September 22. In the message, the producer talks about the opening of new ice schools by Evgeni Plushenko and the attraction of foreign coaches, offering the Olympic champion to change her coach. In response, Plushenko said that Tutberidze's headquarters should be ashamed of their actions.

Seven-year-old Alexander Plushenko is engaged in figure skating at his father's academy and regularly performs in ice shows, and also has several advertising contracts. He earns 12 million rubles a year.

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