Podolyak named the main needs of Ukraine, which will be announced at Ramstein


Podolyak called the main needs of Ukraine, which will be voiced at Ramstein

At the ninth meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine in the Rammstein format, the question of what exactly Ukraine needs it to effectively counter Russia.

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak said this on the air of the telethon. Channel 24 writes about this.

What decisions are expected from the new Rammstein

“Rammstein” is a think tank where everyone can discuss the upcoming phase of the war. Today we are at the stage of the war about seizing the initiative, first of all, – said Podolyak.

He noted that Russia has accumulated its final resource, we are talking about many mobilized. According to Podolyak, they are not as prepared as those who first entered the territory of Ukraine, but meanwhile there are a lot of them.

“The second component is the armored vehicles that Russia fitted us with as much as it could find. The third a component is artillery, which Russia also brought in from everywhere. Therefore, Rammstein will say what we need in order to effectively counteract all this,” he stressed. Podolyak.

According to Podolyak, Ukraine needs effective armored vehicles, long-range missiles, as well as attack and fighter aircraft. All this, according to him, will be discussed at the meeting.

By the way. The meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine in the Ramstein format is scheduled for Tuesday, February 14th. Partner countries are expected to announce the number of tanks for Ukraine and the timing of their provision.

The decision to provide aircraft to Ukraine may be discussed

  • Probably at This meeting will announce the decision to provide aircraft to Ukraine. Andrey Kharuk, a military expert, spoke about this.
  • During the Ramstein-9 meeting, the allies can only agree on certain details and officially announce their position. “There is a very high probability that the decision on aircraft for Ukraine will be positive,” said Haruk.
  • The military expert believes that F-16 fighters will become the most realistic option for Ukraine.

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