Poland after Lukashenka's threats will strengthen the eastern border with American tanks and helicopters

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Poland, after Lukashenko's threats, will strengthen the eastern border with American tanks and helicopters

Poland will strengthen the eastern border to make it impossible to attack the country from the east.

< p>Poland will reinforce the 18th mechanized division located in the east of the country. We are talking about American Abrams tanks and Apache helicopters.

This was stated by the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak, writes PAP.

Blaszczak recalled that the 18th mechanized division has existed for four years. He assured that the army of Poland is becoming stronger every year, and the “Iron Division” will rule out a possible attack from the east.

“The task of this division is to ensure security in the east of our country. It is organized according to the American principle. 18th the mechanized division, the “Iron Division”, which will soon be armed with Abrams tanks and Apache attack helicopters, will be a real barrier, a hard barrier “A barrier that the enemy cannot overcome. It is important for us that the 18th division makes it impossible to attack Poland from the east,” Blaszczak emphasized.

According to him, Putin will not be able to “reproduce the evil empire.”

“Despite the fact that the rulers of the Kremlin decided to recreate the evil empire, thanks to the fact that the Polish army is getting stronger every year, we will scare away the aggressor, make Poland safe,” the minister emphasized.

Recall, Morawiecki during a visit to Kyiv, he spoke about Putin's new plan for Ukraine.

Earlier, Warsaw warned that Russia could attack Poland in 3 years.

As reported, Lukashenko said that Poland is restoring the Commonwealth, and the Ukrainians will still have to ask the Russian Federation for help.

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